Electric Tow Tugs

Our electric tow tugs and tug vehicles are high-quality manual handling and dust-prevention solutions ideal for the UK construction, building, horticultural, general industrial, and manufacturing sectors.

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Electric Tow Tugs: A Safe & Emission-Free Forklift Alternative

We offer a vast range of different types of tugs in various sizes, making them capable of loads weighing from 1,300kg up to 40,00kg depending on the model. At Industar, we understand how important it is that your tow tug fits into your business. This is why we have made them all incredibly versatile with multiple hitch types. This means they can aid in moving all manner of load types, trollies, and wheel stillages in one facility. 

Our range of electric and battery-operated tugs are built to last, meaning they’re also suitable for alternative heavy towing like towing a caravan or helicopter. You can be sure you’re getting a flexible solution that can be tailored to your needs.

No licenses or formal training is required to use a tow tug. Meaning they free up your workforce to be efficient and effective—no need to wait for forklifts or overhead cranes to become free. Pedestrian-operated electric tugs are not governed by LOLER either.

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Benefits of Electric Tow Tugs

  • No LOLERs, licenses or qualifications are required.
    • V-Move tow tugs do not need a license or qualification to operate.  They are not subject to LOLER regulations like forklifts or cranes, making them accessible in more industries.
  • Simple & easy to use – turn on and “go.”
    • They’re easy to use and simple to operate, meaning no lengthy training is required, and you can quickly get acquainted with your tow tug in minutes.
  • Built for longevity & repairability
    • V-Move tow tugs are all hand-assembled in the Netherlands using quality components. In addition, each unit goes through rigorous quality checks before delivery.

  • Environmentally friendly for indoor & outdoor use
    • Battery-operated tow tugs do not produce pollutants or emissions. This makes them great for the environment and workforce, especially with indoor use.
  • Versatile for use in different areas of your facility
    • Tugs can fit other hitches allowing you to move different types of trollies & bogies with only one unit.
  • Small footprint, which is ideal for saving space:
    • The footprint of a tow tug is small compared to forklifts, suitable for taking less space when being stored and when used in tight spaces.

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Optional Extras For Your Electric Tow Tug

At Industar, we reject the idea of a ‘one size fits all approach. That’s why we offer a full range of optional extras to upgrade your tow vehicle. You can configure electric tow tugs for most applications. Electric tow tractors can suit most needs with various specs, accessories, and interchangeable parts. Whether you’re moving a static caravan, a train chassis, or wind turbines, electric tow tugs and tug vehicles can also handle different types of surfaces, from clean factory floors to gravel and more.

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Electric Tow Tugs & Tug Vehicles: Industry Applications

Bin Tow Tugs & Electric Bin Movers

Safely & efficiently move waste & recycling bins with 1 person. Capable of moving trains of 1100L bins or single recycling hoppers on gradients.

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Manufacturing & Assembly

Without the need for licenses and by using one operative at a time, V-Move tugs can make your assembly/manufacturing plant more efficient.

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Shopping, Retail & Leisure

V-Move tow tugs are fume & emission-free. In addition, they are extremely quiet, so they do not disturb your customers' shopping experience.

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Military, Defence & Space

Being able to move loads weighing up to 40,000kg; V-Move tow tugs are a fantastic way of moving heavy & awkward loads, easily, with 1 operator.

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Logistics & Warehousing

Ride-on, stand-up & walk-behind tugs offer a safe & effective alternative for forklifts & pallet trucks. They are simple to use & you don't need a license.

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Horticulture & Produce

V-Move tow tugs give you the ability to move single danish trollies over rough terrain or multiple danish trollies at once on a flat surface.

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Aviation & Ground Handling

Easily connect up to specialist tow bars so you can move aircraft as well as other trailered equipment such as fuel tanks.

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Static & Touring Caravans

Get more caravans into a smaller space by using a tow tug. For use with single & twin axle touring caravans or static caravans.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is an electric tow tug?

In simple terms, an electric tow tug is used to move heavy loads; however, it is much more versatile. They are pedestrian operated and are walked with, meaning they’re ideal for moving large loads over short distances. As its name suggests, an electric tow tug is also battery operated, so no harsh fumes make it suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

What industries does an electric tow tug suit?

Electric tow tugs are a cost-effective solution ideal for all industries as they are massively versatile pieces of equipment. Just a few examples of some of the industries in which electric tow tugs are most often used include;

  • Food & Beverage
  • Boatbuilding Cable
  • Wire Manufacturing
  • Construction and Mining
  • Paper Production
  • Engine, Pump & Generator Manufacturing
  • Healthcare
  • Retail & Logistics
  • Warehouse & Storage

Why choose an electric tow tug over a forklift?

Many businesses may choose a forklift for all their load moving needs. Sometimes, they may not even realise that an electric tow tug is an option. But there are many reasons why you should choose an electric tow tug. For example, there is no requirement for a license to operate an electric tow tug; all training is competency-based and completed at the point of installation. You can minimise risks with an electric tow tug as loads are moved on the ground and are not lifted into the air, posing hazards. Finally, you can save on maintenance and repair costs as servicing costs are significantly lower.