Step 3 – Optional Extras

A full range of optional extras are available and give you the chance to upgrade your mover. A range of couplings are available along with lights and warning sirens, upgraded batteries and remote controls. Take a look at the full range below:

Couplings & Hitches

tow ball, towing ball, hitching ball, trailer mover, caravan mover, tow tug, towing machine, electric mover
Tow Ball

Tow balls are available for attachment to your mover, enabling use with standard trailer hitches fitted on your loads.

A-Frames & Triangles

If you already have pins fitted on your loads, a range of A-Frames are available for your mover providing easy and secure hitching.

coupling, hitching on a mover, pin, pin coupling, open pin
Open Pin

If you are hitching a load on and off your mover frequently, you may want to consider this option for increased speed and efficiency.

coupling, hitching points, electric mover, power dolly, tow tug,
Industrial Pin

Heavy duty pin with r-clip to securely move all manner of loads and trollies around. Ideal if your loads are fitted with a hitching eye.

electric hitch, electric ram, tow tug with electric hitch, tow tug, electric mover,
Electric Hitches

A more cost effective option than the hydraulic lift, the electric lift is useful however less options are available.

hydraulic hitches, 2 stage hitch, hydraulic swan neck, hydraulic mover,
Hydraulic Hitches

Needing to hook the mover under your load or easily attach a trailer? Hydraulic lift options are available.

Bin Attachments

Waste and recycling bins are not generally fitted with an external hitching point. Tow bars and frames are available to aid attachment to the mover.


adjustable handlebar, handlebars, adjustable handles,
Adjustable Handlebar

Sometimes you have a load that you need to see down the side of. An adjustable handle means you can off-set the tiller-head securely and easily to see the side of your load.

spring back handle bar, handlebar,
Spring-back Handlebar

If you are short on space, a spring-back or foldable handle may just be what you need. Pull the handle towards you to use the unit and let go when you are done.

electric steering, power steering, power assisted steering, power assisted handlebar
Electric Powered Steering

Although standard on the larger products in the range, the smaller units require a bit of input from the user to steer. Upgrade the steering to electric-powered for an easier life.


bespoke trollies, trollies, trolleys, custom made trolleys,
Bespoke Trailers/Trollies

If the wheels on your load are not quite up to the job, we can design bespoke trailers and trolleys to carry the load and hitch up to the mover.

lifting eyes, heavy duty mover, industrial mover, counterweights, metal counterweights
Inching Buttons

Inching buttons provide close up control for hitching the mover up to large items. Lifting eyes can also be fitted for logistic purposes and moving between floor levels.

stabiliser wheels, anti-wheelie wheels, additional wheels, safety features,
Stabiliser Wheels

Moving a heavier trailer? Stabiliser wheels on your electric mover give it more stability when moving around.

remote control, remote control for tow tugs, electric tow tug,
Remote Control

Ideal for providing extra visibility whilst moving the load. Stand back and control the movement with full view.

battery, batteries, heavy duty battery, electric mover, battery for electric mover
Batteries & Charging

Higher capacity batteries, lithium batteries and more powerful chargers are available for some of our electric movers.

Tyres & Wheels

Dependant on usage and terrain specific tyres are recommended.

solid tyres, solid wheels,
Solid Rubber

Ideal for indoor use in factories and warehouses. Puncture resistant with great traction.

pneumatic tyres, air tyres, pneumatic wheels,

Air-filled tyres are best suited for use on uneven ground. Both standard and large tyres are available.

non-marking tyres,

Working in a clean environment, solid rubber non-marking tyres are available in different sizes.


Puncture-proof, foam filled tyres are great for ride on units.

heavy duty tyres, tractor tyres, large tyres, all terrain tyres,
Tractor Tread

Ideal for soft ground and grass. However, on tarmac and concrete they provide less grip.

Snow Tread

If you use your electric mover in snowy conditions or slippery surfaces, the snow tyre tread is ideal.

double castors, swivel wheels, swivel castors, solid castors, swivel tyres, double tyres,
Double Swivel Castors

Double castor or swivel wheels allow you to use your tug over rougher ground. Also used when moving heavier loads.

Warning System

safety horn, warning horn, enhanced horn, loud horn, signalling, warning signals
Enhanced Horn

If you work in a loud environment a loud is necessary. Rivalling a horn of a car or a forklift, our movers can be fitted with a louder horn.

flashing beacon, lights, beacons, safety features, safety lights, warning signals warning features,
Lights & Sirens

Flashing beacons and motion sirens are available to warn others in the vicinity items are moving. Beacons can be fitted to the mover or on a pole.

Final Step

Once you know which product you want and which options you’d like to configure it with, please get in touch to finalise your order or discuss a quote.

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Towing something a little bit special? Bespoke requirements are available

Our tow tugs come with a range of different attachements and couplings but we understand that sometimes you may want something a little different. Perhaps you are towing light aircraft, helicopters or something out of the ordinary.

We partner with bespoke towbar manufacturers and fabricators so you can use our tugs with just about anything you wish.

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Final Step

Once you know which product you want and which options you’d like to configure it with, please get in touch to finalise your order or discuss a quote.

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