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V-Move S Electric Tow Tug
Electric Tow Tugs

Towing weight: 1,300 KG

Ideal for use in warehouse and distribution centres for moving palatalised products, trolleys and crates of deliveries.

Small & Compact

Our V-Move S electric tow tug is small, powerful and versatile. The tow tug is able to push and pull loads weighing up to 1,300kg across flat, level ground.
Where the V-Move S sets itself apart from the other V-Move products is its compact design. It also has an innovative hitch design allowing you to hook under or grab your loads with ease.

Manual & Hydraulic Coupling

We can fit the V-Move S tow tug with both a manual coupling or a hydraulic coupling. This means you have the choice of being able to hook under your load or hook and grab for a more secure coupling.
The V-Move S electric mover is designed with tight spaces in mind. It is small and compact and is perfect for moving roll cages & trollies easily and quickly.

Easy handling & manoeuvring

The tow tug itself only weighs 100kg and it has a tight turning circle. It is ideal for moving palletised products, trolleys and crates of produce.

24 Hour Operation

The battery life of the V-Move S can last 1 to 2 working days depending on the level of use.
The good news is the batteries of the tow tug are in an interchangeable trolley and you can buy extra trollies. If you are running out of charge you can swap out the battery trolley for a charged one and away you go.


  • Voltage / Power 24V 600 Watt
  • Motor 2x 300 Watt DC
  • Maximum Capacity 1,300 kg
  • Tyres Solid continental tires
  • Charger 24V
  • Battery Maintenance-free 2x12V 24Ah battery
  • Dimensions 64 x 38 x 100 cm
  • Weight 100 kg incl. batteries


Additional Product Options

A full range of accessories are available. Please contact us for more details. Detailed below are some of the featured optional extras

  • Hydraulic coupling – for “grab & go” hitching
  • Manual coupling – for “hook under & go” hitching
  • Additional battery trollies
  • Non-marking tyres


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