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V-Move EDV Electric Tow Tug
Electric Tow Tugs

Towing weight: 350 KG

Ideal for use in the horticulture industry for transporting danish carts or CC trolleys across the ground cloth without any damages or trace.

A new solution for easily transporting Danish carts or CC containers across both the ground cloth and through the company in a responsible manner.

You can easily drive the CC cart onto the transporter and move the cart across the ground cloth, with no physical effort and without damage to or traces left on the ground cloth.

The powerful drive engine, including differential, enables you to easily drive from the ground cloth onto the cement path. These electric tugs are equipped with large, wide wheels and fully adjustable drive, allowing you to select the appropriate speed for any situation. Apart from the single electric vehicle pictured, a design is possible that allows 2 or 3 Shelf carts to be transported.


  • Voltage / Power 24V 500 Watt
  • Motor DC
  • Maximum Weight on Vehicle 350kg
  • Tyres Air-filled
  • Charger 24V
  • Battery Maintenance-free 2x12V 55Ah battery
  • Dimensions 246 x 85 x 117 cm
  • Weight 144 kg incl. batteries


Step 2

Depending on what you are moving and the load distribution, you may require counterweights, specific couplings and specific tyres.

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Step 3

Have a look at any optional extras you might need such as flashing beacons, motion buzzers or non-marking tyres.

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