Our Products – V-Move 3XL Electric Tow Tug

V-Move 3XL Electric Tow Tug
Electric Tow Tugs

Towing weight: 30,000 KG

A mid-sized tow truck with a heavyweight towing capacity. Applicable for a range of applications, enabling you to handle large items with confidence and ease.

The V-Move 3XL Electric Tow Tug, is our big boy, with a whopping 30,000 kg capacity. The electric power steering provides control and manoeuvrability to large, heavy items. This is not only one of the most powerful electric tow tugs on the market, it is one of the easiest to use.

Applicable for all manner of uses, in all sectors, this tow tug is ideal for moving train & coach chassis, boats and aeroplane components. Popular for use within manufacturing and assembly.

Optional extras for the V-move 3XL include: hydraulic lifts, warning signals, remote control operation and differential lock.


  • Voltage / Power 48 Volt 10 Kw
  • Drive Differential
  • Maximum Capacity 30,000 Kg
  • Steering Electric power steering
  • Tyres Solid continental wheels
  • Charger 48V 20A external
  • Battery Maintenance-free 8x6V 245Ah-20u
  • Dimensions 185 x 123 x 160 cm
  • Weight 1150 kg incl. batteries

Step 2

Depending on what you are moving and the load distribution, you may require counterweights, specific couplings and specific tyres.

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Step 3

Have a look at any optional extras you might need such as flashing beacons, motion buzzers or non-marking tyres.

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