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Universal Helicopter Towbar
Helicopter Moving Accessories

Robust & Quality Towbar for Light Helicopters

Robinson, Airbus, Bell, Leonardo & Enstrom Compatible

Helitowcart’s towbars are an affordable way to move your helicopter.

We recommend using a Helitowcart towbar with our electric tow tugs. The most popular for moving helicopters are the V-Move XL-HD & XL+.

The Helitowcart is available either with two attachments:
– a universal attachment
a Robinson-specific attachment

Both attachments are interchangeable.

Universal Design

The universal towbar lets you use one towbar for many helicopters. To reconfigure, you just need to make some small adjustments to the towbar. You can adjust the width and skid straps to suit the below aircraft.


Compatible Helicopters

– Robinson – R22, R44, R66
– Airbus Helicopters (previously Eurocopter) – AS 350 (H125), H120 (EC120), H130 (EC130), H135 (EC135), H145 (EC145), BK 117
– Bell – B206B, B206L, B407, B427, B205-B412
– Leonardo (previously AgustaWestland) – AW109 (Skidded Version), AW119
– Enstrom – 28F, 280, 480

Folding Handle

Helitowcart towbars are best used alongside electric tow tugs. At times, it may be easier to attach the towbar by hand at first. Once attached, you can attach one of our tugs.

Due to this, the Helitowcart has a folding handle. You can use this to move the towbar by hand. You can then fold it down when you are ready to use your V-Move tug.


Helitowcart & Electric Tug Packages

We love our electric tow tugs and our customers do as well. We love Helitowcart towbars, and we know our customers do as well. This is why we have packages available when you want to purchase both.

Packages are bespoke to you and your requirements. Not all helicopters, hangars and ground conditions are the same. This is why packages all depend on you and your needs.


Mini Dollies & Ground Handling Wheels

The nose of your helicopter may need supporting during movement. Our mini dollies offer a good solution for this.

At times, ground handling wheels become unusable, broken or tired. For that reason, we have ground wheels for Robinson helicopters available.


Canadian Made – UK Distributed

Our team joined forces with Helitowcart to bring their products to the UK. Helitowcart are a Canadian company. Lead times can vary due to the distance between the UK & Canada. We ask for patience as we do not hold active stock at all times.



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