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Robinson Helicopter Ground Handling Wheels
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Robinson Helicopter Ground Handling Wheels

Affordable and durable wheels

Designed for Robinson Helicopters, Helitowcart’s wheels are built to last. Multiple models are available, all of which are low maintenance & reliable.


Single & Double Wheels

We make both single & double Robinson ground handling wheels available. The handling wheels are aluminium which means they are light and easy to handle.


Adjustable Height & Pivotal Skin Pin

Our ground handling wheels have a pivot pin. This means they are easy to engage/disengage by hand.
The pivot pin has two positions which gives the wheels two different heights. Ground clearance can be either 4.5 cm or 5.5 cm which are ideal for high hangar rails.


Tyre Choices

There are three different tyre options for your ground handling wheels:
Easy Roll – high quality solid rubber tyres
Regular – air-filled tyre – gel fill options are available


Combination use with towbars & dollies

The ground handling wheels can be used together with the below products:


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