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Electric Tow Tug – Verhagen Leiden – V-Move XXL
Electric Tow Tugs

Towing weight: 20,000 KG

The V-Move XXL Electric Tow Tug has a 20,000kg towing capacity. It allows you to move extremely heavy loads with ease. A range of couplings are available.

Electric tow tug with 20,000kg capacity

Impressive & easy to use electric tow tug

The V-Move XXL electric tow Tug is one of our larger movers. The 10kW power that the motor delivers lets you move heavy loads with ease.

The 20,000 kg capacity lets you use the V-Move XXL in many applications. No longer do you need to have many tow tugs for different uses. Although powerful, the footprint is not excessive. This could make it a better option for you than the V-Move XL+ tow tug.


Adaptable & powerful

We can build the V-Move XXL with different options so it suits your needs.

Options include counter-weights, hydraulic lifts and non-marking tyres. Features such as motion sirens & safety beacons are available.

Many customers have had great success with this unit. Our customers have moved cable drums & static caravans with this unit. Verhagen Leiden have moved containers & vehicle chassis using this unit.


Battery & charging

A charged tow tug will last one to two working days without needing to be re-charged. This depends on the level of use and environment. Enhanced batteries are available.

The charger is external and uses a standard UK 3-pin plug socket. The charging cable plugs into the side of the tug. There is no need to remove the batteries from the unit.

Charging takes between 5 and 8 hours for a full charge which can happen overnight. The charger is a trickle charger which means you cannot overcharge.


Safety Features of the V-Move products

  • – Anti-trap button
  • – Emergency stop button with full machine shutdown and restart procedure
  • – Key switch ignition
  • – Automatic handbrake


Warranty, Maintenance & Servicing

  • – 1 year manufacturer warranty
  • – Maintenance-free day to day operation
  • – Low wear rate on components
  • – Service plans available for annual and bi-annual servicing


See the unit in action:

  1. Moving vehicle shells in a production line



  • Voltage / Power 36 Volt 4 Kw
  • Drive Differential
  • Towing Capacity 20,000 Kg
  • Tyres Solid continental wheels
  • Charger 36V 20A external
  • Battery Maintenance-free 6x6V 245Ah-20u
  • Dimensions 137 x 97 x 138 cm
  • Weight 780 kg incl. batteries


Step 2

Depending on what you are moving and the load distribution, you may require counterweights, specific couplings and specific tyres.

view options

Step 3

Have a look at any optional extras you might need such as flashing beacons, motion buzzers or non-marking tyres.

view options



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