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Electric Tow Tug – Verhagen Leiden – V-Move 4XL
Electric Tow Tugs

Towing weight: 40,000 KG

A heavy duty Tow Tug offering a whopping 40,000kg capacity. Easy to manoeuvre and use with the power assisted steering. This mover is capable of handling a range of large items with ease.

Electric tow tug with 40,000kg capacity

Large heavy duty tow tug

With a 40,000kg capacity, the V-Move 4XL is a step up from our V-Move 3XL. It has powerful drive motors and hydraulic steering. Allowing you to move heavy loads, with no effort.

Due to its size, there’s not a lot this electric tug can’t move. As the tug is so adaptable, customers use it to move all sorts of things. This includes space apparatus along a production line. As well as specialist medical trailers.


Complete customisation & bespoke solutions

We work with customers to meet their specific needs. Everyone has different environments and applications. We understand that and our team has experience to explore what is possible.

As well as standard couplings, we can assist with the design of bespoke ones.

Whether these need to be static or hydraulic. Other available options include custom colours, sirens and beacons. We have fitted V-Move 4XL tugs with fifth-wheel couplings & remote controls.


Battery & charging

A full charge of our V-Move electric tow tugs can last one to two working days. This depends on usage and environment. Enhanced batteries are available on request.

Our chargers are external and use a standard UK 3-pin plug socket. The charging box must be wall-mounted to help with air circulation. The charger plugs into the side of the tug. Meaning you do not have to remove the batteries.

Full charging takes 5 to 8 hours which is perfect for charging overnight. The charger is a trickle charger, meaning you cannot overcharge.


Safety Features of the V-Move products

  • – Anti-trap button
  • – Emergency stop button with full machine restart procedure
  • – Key switch ignition
  • – Automatic handbrake


Warranty, Maintenance & Servicing

  • – 1 year manufacturer warranty
  • – Maintenance-free day to day operation
  • – Low wear rate on components
  • – Service plans available for annual and bi-annual servicing


See the unit in action:

  1. V-Move 4XL with full remote control demo
  2. Machine demo
  3. Load test
  4. Customer using bespoke 4XL & trailer



  • Voltage / Power 48 Volt 10 Kw
  • Drive Differential
  • Towing Capacity 40,000 Kg
  • Tyres Solid continental wheels
  • Charger 48V 20A external
  • Battery Maintenance-free 8x6V 245Ah-20u
  • Weight around 1600kg


Step 2

Depending on what you are moving and the load distribution, you may require counterweights, specific couplings and specific tyres.

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Step 3

Have a look at any optional extras you might need such as flashing beacons, motion buzzers or non-marking tyres.

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