TowFLEXX TF3 – 9,000kg Towbarless Aircraft Tug

Tow Tugs & Electric Movers

TowFLEXX TF3 – 9,000kg Towbarless Aircraft Tug

Tow Weight upto: 9,000kg

Dimenions: (h) x (w) x (l)

The TowFLEXX TF3 is capable of pulling & pushing aircraft that have a maximum takeoff weight of 9,000kg. Specifically designed for moving aircraft, the TF3 is affordable, versatile & impressive when in use.

Aircraft-specific tow tug

The TowFLEXX TF3 is suitable for moving aircraft with a maximum takeoff weight of 9,000kg. It is fully remote control operated and is extremely versatile for use with many different aircraft types.

The aircraft nose wheel can be picked up by the TF3 in seconds. Once the nose wheel is mounted on the specially designed turntable, the operator can turn the tug 360° around the nose gear without twisting it.

Single person operation

The TF3 prevents the nose wheel from turning when manoeuvring. At the same time, the aircraft tug can rotate 360° around the nose wheel, enabling manoeuvres that are not possible with conventional towing equipment.

The radio remote control of the TF3 has a high range so that a single operator can move freely around the aircraft. This means that no further persons are needed to manoeuvre the aircraft safely.

Due to the way the TF3 is designed, this tug can be used to pull or push aircraft into the corners of the hangar. This allows the available hangar space to be used much more efficiently, meaning more aircraft can be accommodated in the same space.

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