Electric Tow Tug Verhagen V-Move EDV (Danish Trolley)

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Electric Tow Tug Verhagen V-Move EDV (Danish Trolley)

Tow Weight upto: 350kg

Dimenions: 117(h) x 85(w) x 246(l)

V Move EDV is designed for easily transporting of Danish carts or CC containers across within building or within the grounds of your horticultural premise in a safe and responsible manner.

Electric Tow Tug for Danish Trolleys

V-Move EDV is designed to transport Danish trolleys or CC containers easily and safely. You can easily drive the cart onto the transporter and move the cart across the ground cloth, without physical effort and without damage to or traces left on the ground cloth.

The powerful drive engine, including differential, enables you to effortlessly drive from the ground cloth onto the cement path. These electric tugs are equipped with large, wide wheels and fully adjustable drive, allowing you to select the appropriate speed for any situation.

In addition to single-trolley electric tugs, there are models for transporting two or three Danish trolleys.

V-Move Battery and Charging

Ensure optimal performance with our V-Move electric tugs through efficient battery management and charging processes.

  • Extended Operation: Our electric tugs can run continuously for one to two full working days on a single charge, subject to usage and environmental factors. Enhanced batteries are available upon request.
  • User-Friendly Charging: Chargers are external and utilise standard UK 3-pin plug sockets. The charging box is designed for wall-mounting, enhancing air circulation around the tug.
  • Quick Charging: Charging the tug takes 5 to 8 hours for a full charge, making it convenient for overnight charging. The charger includes a trickle function, ensuring no concerns about overcharging and promoting long-term battery health.
  • Danish Trolley Mover Benefits

    Enhance your material handling operations with the V-Move EDV Danish trolley tow tug, bringing forth many benefits tailored for effortless and secure transportation.

  • Space-Efficient Design: Compact build for optimal size relative to pulling capacities, ensuring manoeuvrability in congested areas.
  • Convenient Storage: Easily storable design when not in use, catering to space-conscious environments.
  • Versatile Usage: Suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications, maintaining top-tier performance in various settings.
  • User-Friendly Operation: No qualifications or licenses are needed to move Danish trolleys effectively and safely.
  • Quiet and Eco-Friendly: Minimal noise and zero emissions help create a comfortable, safe, and eco-friendly work environment.
  • Customisable: Configure to your needs with various tyres and couplings.
  • Electric Trolley Tug Features

    The Verhagen Leiden V-Move EDV has many features that ensure effective solutions for moving horticultural Danish trolleys.

  • Effortless Loading: The Danish trolley easily drives onto the tow tug for secure transport.
  • Stability Across Terrains: Wide wheels provide stability over various surfaces, including grass, wooden flooring, or tarmac.
  • Extended Battery Life: Long-life battery for up to 2 working days of use, recharging in just 8 hours.
  • Configurable Extras: Highly customisable with optional features to transform the tow tug into the perfect solution for your requirements.
  • Terrain-Adaptive Tires: Options for tires suitable for different terrains, from concrete and gravel to grass, guaranteeing optimal performance.
  • Warning Systems: Motion sirens, beacons, and lights provide safety alerts during movement, in both forward and reverse.
  • Configure your tow tug to your needs.

    This unit can have different tyres & couplings fitted. Whatever the application, we should be able to configure a machine for you.

    Electric Tow Tug Verhagen V-Move EDV (Danish Trolley)
    Motion Siren

    A motion siren can warn others in the vicinity that an item is been moved. Applicable whether the unit is in forward or reverse.

    Electric Tow Tug Verhagen V-Move EDV (Danish Trolley)
    Beacons & Lights

    Flashing beacons and motion sirens are available to warn others in the vicinity items are moving. Beacons can be fitted to the mover or on a pole.

    Specification and Additional Information

    Information regarding machine specifications, warranties, and maintenance are below.

    • Voltage / Power 24V 500Watt
    • Towing Capacity 350 kg
    • Tyres Air Filled
    • Charger 24V 8A External
    • Battery Maintenance-free 2x12V 55Ah
    • Dimensions 246 x 85 x 117 cm
    • Weight 144kg incl. batteries
    • – 1-year manufacturer warranty
    • – Extended warranty available
    • – Maintenance-free day to day operation
    • – Low wear rate on components
    • – No servicing requirement unless requested
    • – On-site & off-site servicing available
    • – Anti-trap button
    • – Emergency stop button with full machine shutdown and restart procedure
    • – Key switch ignition

    Danish Trolley Industries and Applications

    Danish trolleys are used across many industries. Although widely and predominantly used in horticulture, Danish toilets are a fantastic solution for storing and transporting IT equipment, books, food and much more. The V-Move electric trolley is the perfect horticulture tow tug with uses across many other industries.

    • Horticulture: Danish trolleys are the perfect way to transport, store and display plants and are widely used across the horticulture industries in garden centres and more.
    • Business and IT: IT equipment is heavy – make transporting it lightwork with Danish trolleys and a Danish trolley tow tug.
    • Education: Danish trolleys are ideal for transporting books. Use Danish trolleys in your education facility or library to reduce the workload of transporting educational materials.
    • Catering: The V-move Danish trolley tow tug provides a reliable solution for catering companies, ensuring safe and secure transportation of food.

    Purchase & Training Options

    A full range of finance, hire purchase & contract hire options are available. We can also arrange formal training during V-Move handover.

    Outright purchase isn't for everyone which is why we offer alternatives.

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    Short term or contract hire options are available to you.

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    Formal or informal training is available.

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