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Tow Weight upto: 50/80kg

Dimenions: Mast Raised 2700mm / Mast Lowered 2100mm(h) x 1050mm(w) x 1750mm(l)

AL-Telecrane is a stationary vacuum hose lifting system to be used on a variety of items for safe lifting.

Static Vacuum Lifter for Easy and Safe Lifting

This item is stationary, unlike the AL Pack Mobile vacuum lifter. This can either be mounted to the floor, wall or ceiling, ensuring safe lifting and movement around a specific work area. It is an intelligent electronic manipulator that, with the help of a servo lift, lifts all types of items up to 80kg.

The Al Telecrane vacuum lifter hose is commonly used for lifting a variety of industrial products including:

  • MDF boards
  • Steel and wood boards
  • Cardboard boxes

Vacuum Lifter Hose Capabilities

The AL-Telecrane has a unique crank arm that rotates 375° on the column (not continuous), which, together with the “Fingertouch” function, ensures a very smooth, simple and quick handling of heavy lifting – even where space is limited.

The standard AL-MULTILIFT vacuum lifter hose provides:

  • Lifting capacity: 40, 60, or 80kg
  • Pillar with foot plate for floor attachment
  • Standard range 2500 mm
  • Electric start/stop box located on the column
  • Detachable hook
  • Lightning change allows you to change tools in minutes

And more.

You can expand your vacuum lift hose’s functionality even further with optional extras including:

  • Manual arm brake
  • Extra column height for increased lift height

This unit can be supplied with a pneumatic control which meets the special requirements and applications in controlled environments with explosion hazards in accordance with ATEX regulations.

Specification & Additional Information

Information regarding machine specification, warranties offered and maintenance are below.

  • Lifting Capacity: 120 kg
  • Default Range: Radius – 2500/3000 mm
  • Lifting Height: 1600 mm from floor to bottom suction cup
  • Total Height: 2700 mm (including bottom plate)
  • Rotation: 360° continuous rotation
  • Construction: Compact design with a knuckle arm for handling in narrow areas
  • Versatile Handling: Suitable for lifting industrial products such as sacks, cardboard boxes, plastic cans, steel and wood boards, and MDF boards
  • Tool Compatibility: Large selection of suction cups and special tools, easily changeable in a short time
  • Vacuum Supply: Provided through the post and crank arm to avoid loosely hanging hoses
  • Mobility Option: Can be mounted on a mobile counterweight block for increased mobility in the work area.
  • Maintenance-free day-to-day operation
  • Low wear rate on components
  • No servicing requirement unless requested
  • On-site & off-site servicing are available

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