AL-Pack Mobile Vacuum Lifter

Tow Tugs & Electric Movers

AL-Pack Mobile Vacuum Lifter

Tow Weight upto: 50/80kg

Dimenions: Mast Raised 2700mm / Mast Lowered 2100mm(h) x 1050mm(w) x 1750mm(l)

AL-Pack Mobile is a removable vacuum hose lifting system to be used with a counterbalance/forklift for easy and efficient order picking.

Battery Powered Mobile Vacuum Lifter for Forklifts

The AL-Pack Mobile vacuum lifter is available in 2 versions:

  • Standard (no battery) – connects directly to the truck’s 24V or 48V power supply
  • With battery – with integrated 24V battery for 4 hours continuous operation = approx. a full working day. Ensures unit is completely independent of the truck’s electrical system.


Adaptable Mobile Vacuum Lifter

The AL-Pack Mobile is an effective and efficient order-picking system for trucks. This powerful mobile vacuum lifter is a versatile solution suited to a variety of uses and workplaces.

The AL-Pack Mobile vacuum lifter:

  • Can be used by a range of forklifts/counterbalances and is quick to attach and detach.
  • Uses a two-joint arm, enabling effective operation in narrow areas.
  • Can handle a wide array of goods of different shapes and materials.
  • Can be adapted to your needs with a selection of suction pads and tools. (Replacing suction pads is easy and does not require any hand tools.)


Easy To Operate Vacuum Lifter

In addition to being adaptable, the AL-Pack Mobile vacuum lifter is easy to operate. As you can see from the overview below, operating this mobile vacuum lifter is straightforward. (The Industar team can deliver comprehensive training to ensure you can operate the AL-Pack effectively and safely.)

  • Slide the forks of the truck into the fork brackets of the AL-Pack Mobile
  • Connect the power plug from the vacuum lifter to the power plug,
    located at the fork carriage (the power cord must be connected to the truck)
  • Secure the locking pins behind the forks
  • Press the green button on the electrical control box
  • Vacuum pump starts
  • Release the latch
  • Grasp the vacuum suction head
  • Place it on the surface of the load
  • Adjust the height by pressing the handle.

Specification & Additional Information

Information regarding machine specification, warranties offered and maintenance are below.

  • Lifting capacity: SWL 50/80kg
  • Total height (mast raised): 2700mm
  • Total height (mast lowered – transport position): 2100mm
  • Lifting height: 1600mm – Lifting hose: Ø160mm
  • Arm reach: 2000mm radius = 4000mm diameter
  • Working area: 360°
  • Mechanical lock system for outer and inner arm.
  • Vacuum pump: VC50 -0,8 bar (64db) = SWL 80kg non-porous materials
  • Semi/nonporosity: E.g. carbon boxes, plastic laminated bags, etc.
  • Vacuum pump: JET VAC (57db) = SWL 50kg porous materials
  • High porosity: E.g. thin paper bags, MDF sheets, etc.
  • 1 or 2 hand-operated suction heads with quick coupling for tools
  • Total weight with batteries incl. EUR pallet: 570kg
  • Total weight without batteries incl. EUR pallet: 340kg
  • Dimensions: L-1750 x W-1050 x H-2700mm
  • Dimensions fork pockets: L-1100 x W-150 x H-40mm
  • Maintenance-free day-to-day operation
  • Low wear rate on components
  • No servicing requirement unless requested
  • On-site and off-site servicing are available

Mobile Vacuum Lifter Specification and After-Sale Care

Full specifications for the AL-Pack Mobile vacuum lifter are listed below. We have also included details on after-sales care, including warranty information and servicing. We pride ourselves on our excellent maintenance and repair service, but with this low-maintenance vacuum lifting solution, you will unlikely need our services.

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