AL-Lift – FlexMover Platform Truck Trolley

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AL-Lift – FlexMover Platform Truck Trolley

Tow Weight upto: 1100kg

Dimenions: Trolley Bed Lowered 530mm / Trolley Bed Raised 680mm(h) x 700mm(w) x 2950mm(l)

The FlexMover is a batter-driven platform trolley designed specifically for the transport of plasterboard and other building materials such as wooden planks.

Simple and safe heavy duty cart trolley without the need for attachments

The AL-lift battery-operated material handling trolley is available in 3 versions:

  • Standard – with a non-moving platform bed
  • With Lifting Platform
  • With 90 Degree Lifting Platform


Battery Operated Platform Trolley Specification

Find the technical specifications of the AL-Lift electric platform cart below. We have also provided information about what you can expect regarding after-sales support, including maintenance. We’re confident in our maintenance and repair services, and you can rely on us to keep your site trolley in top condition. However, the AL-Lift Flexmover trolley’s design is intentionally low-maintenance, reducing the chances of requiring our assistance. Check out the specifications and after-sale details below.

Specification & Additional Information

Information regarding machine specification, warranties offered and maintenance are below.

  • Travel speed: Ca. 4-6 km/hour
  • Max. load: 1100kg
  • Lifting capacity: 1100kg
  • Traction: Stop/Start / 6 grade slope, fully loaded
  • Height (to the top of the steering handle): 915mm
  • Table top height (fully lowered): 530mm
  • Lifting height (from lowered position): 150mm
  • Width: 700mm
  • Length (incl. control handle): 2950mm
  • Weight: 300kg
  • Wheels: Puncture-free rubber wheels
  • Battery: Up to 4 hours of continuous use
  • Charging height in max. lifted state: 680mm
  • Maintenance-free day to day operation
  • Low wear rate on components
  • No servicing requirement unless requested
  • On-site & off-site servicing available

Why Choose The FlexMover Flatbed Platform Truck

The AL-Lift power trolley offers a range of exceptional features and benefits designed to streamline your material handling tasks. From extended usage time to high load capacity, this platform truck trolley offers numerous advantages, making it an ideal choice for demanding work environments, particularly construction sites. Enhance your operational efficiency and reduce downtime with the AL-Lift 4-wheel platform trolley.

Extended Usage Time: Enjoy up to 4 hours of continuous operation, reducing downtime and enhancing productivity in manual handling tasks.

Low Maintenance: With minimal maintenance needs, the AL-Lift tow trolley keeps your operational costs down and minimises interruptions.

High Load Capacity: Boasting a maximum load and lifting capacity of 1100kg, this electric platform cart is well-equipped to handle heavy materials and equipment efficiently.

Puncture-Free Rubber Wheels: The inclusion of puncture-free rubber wheels ensures durability and dependable performance, even in rugged construction site conditions.

Ideal for Construction Sites: Designed with the demands of construction sites in mind, the AL-lift flatbed trolley is a reliable and efficient choice for moving materials and equipment.


This unit can be used over rough terrain to manoeuvre materials around a site safely for the operator of the machine. This then has the option to raise the bed of the trolley an extra 150mm higher to aid the user(s) with lifting the materials off of the trolley.

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