Electric Tow Tug Verhagen Leiden V-Move Trailer Mover

Tow Tugs & Electric Movers

Electric Tow Tug Verhagen Leiden V-Move Trailer Mover

Tow Weight upto: 20,000kg & 40,000kg

Dimenions: 100 / 124(h) x 120(w) x 371(l)

The V-Move Trailer Mover can move semi-trailers with ease. You can also fit standard couplings to the unit so the tow tug can use it with classic trailers and other equipment.

It is available with either a 20t or 40t towing capacity, and it has many different options and set-ups to fit budget and needs.

Charging Your Trailer Mover

Our trailer movers can operate on one charge for one to two full working days for your peace of mind. Of course, this depends on usage and the environment, so your circumstances will impact this. However, enhanced batteries are available on request, so you don’t have to worry about your trailer mover slowing you down!

Our chargers are external and use a standard UK 3-pin plug socket, and the charging cable plugs straight into the side of the tug without the need to remove batteries. This allows for a hassle-free experience all around!

Charging takes between 5 to 8 hours for a full charge meaning it’s easy and convenient to charge overnight. In addition, the charger has a trickle function which means you never have to worry about overcharging.

Configure your tow tug to your needs.

This unit can have different tyres & couplings fitted. Whatever the application, we should be able to configure a machine for you to be sure you’re receiving a tailored solution.

As standard, the V-Move Trailer Mover comes with a charging lead, batteries & a fixed-height fifth wheel coupling.

If budget allows, you can add numerous options to your trailer mover:

  • – Hydraulic height-adjusting fifth wheel coupling
  • – Power steering
  • – Air compressor & tank to release air brakes
  • – Connector for trailer lights
  • – Enhanced battery
Electric Tow Tug Verhagen Leiden V-Move Trailer Mover
Motion Siren

A motion siren can warn others in the vicinity that an item is been moved. Applicable whether the unit is in forward or reverse.

Electric Tow Tug Verhagen Leiden V-Move Trailer Mover
Beacons & Lights

Flashing beacons and motion sirens are available to warn others in the vicinity items are moving. Beacons can be fitted to the mover or on a pole.

Electric Tow Tug Verhagen Leiden V-Move Trailer Mover
Solid Rubber Tyres

Ideal for indoor use in factories and warehouses. Puncture resistant with great traction.

Electric Tow Tug Verhagen Leiden V-Move Trailer Mover
Non-Marking Tyres

Working in a clean environment, solid rubber non-marking tyres are available in different sizes.

Electric Tow Tug Verhagen Leiden V-Move Trailer Mover
A-Frames & Towing Eyes

If you already have pins fitted on your loads, a range of A-Frames are available for your mover providing easy and secure hitching.

Electric Tow Tug Verhagen Leiden V-Move Trailer Mover
Industrial Pin

Heavy duty pin with r-clip to securely move all manner of loads and trollies around. Ideal if your loads are fitted with a hitching eye.

Electric Tow Tug Verhagen Leiden V-Move Trailer Mover
Open Pin

If you are hitching a load on and off your mover frequently, you may want to consider this option for increased speed and efficiency.

Electric Tow Tug Verhagen Leiden V-Move Trailer Mover
Tow Ball

Tow balls are available for attachment to your mover, enabling use with standard trailer hitches fitted on your loads.

Electric Tow Tug Verhagen Leiden V-Move Trailer Mover
Custom Colours

As standard, our movers come in a bright red colour however if you have specific colours you want to use, we can offer this.

Electric Tow Tug Verhagen Leiden V-Move Trailer Mover
Remote Control

Ideal for providing extra visibility whilst moving the load. Stand back and control the movement with full view.

Specification & Additional Information

Information regarding machine specification, warranties offered and maintenance are below.

  • Voltage / Power 48V / 10,000Watt & 48V / 20,000Watt
  • Towing Capacity 20,000 kg & 40,000 kg
  • Tyres Solid
  • Charger 48V External
  • Battery Maintenance-free 48v 245Ah & 48v 320Ah
  • Dimensions 371 x 120 x 124 cm
  • Weight 1,700kg incl. batteries
  • Lift Capacity 4000kg & 13000kg
  • – 1-year manufacturer warranty
  • – Extended warranty available
  • – Maintenance-free day to day operation
  • – Low wear rate on components
  • – No servicing requirement unless requested
  • – On-site & off-site servicing available
  • – Anti-trap button
  • – Emergency stop button with full machine shutdown and restart procedure
  • – Key switch ignition
  • – Automatic handbrake

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