Modular Buildings

Modular Buildings

Assisting in the transportation of modules throughout the assembly process, electric movers provide a safe handling solution for large modular buildings. Their compact design and manoeuvrability provide safe handling around production lines and manufacturing plants. In addition to moving each module throughout the assembly process, these electric tow tugs can also be used for various other activities, including transporting components and materials to various assembly points around the site.

The larger heavy-duty movers used for handling modular buildings are capable of handling loads of up to 40,000kg and offer flexible solutions for various hitching points. A range of couplings are readily available enabling the mover to be coupled to each segment. Electric power assisted steering is supplied as standard on the heavy-duty movers to enable smooth manoeuvrability and control. Various other options are available upon request such as remote controls and inching buttons, providing close-up control ideal for the hitching stage. We understand that not every application is the same, that’s why we work with you to configure a suitable mover with all the necessary components.

The ease of use transporting large modular buildings will improve production flow and reduce the risk of workplace accidents and injuries, caused from inadequate manual handling. Other safety features on the mover also include electromagnetic brakes, emergency stop, and programmable speed restrictions. Warning signals and lights can also be added if required.

Correctly handling any load is extremely important, especially large prefabricated buildings. We offer a safe load handling solution for loads of all shapes and sizes to:

  • – Reduce accident and injuries caused by inadequate manual handling
  • – Improve production flow
  • – Handle large, heavy goods with ease
  • – No formal training required
  • – Reduction in the need for extra labour and waiting times for trained personnel
  • – Versatile for use across a range of applications
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