Modular Buildings

Modular Buildings

Compact design & versatility

Our products are compact and easy to manoeuvre. This means you can use them even if you have space restrictions on your site. Also, different couplings and accessories are available with our movers, making them very versatile. This allows you to use them on your production line but also for moving other equipment on site.

Benefits & Configuration

Moving modular buildings with tow tugs can speed up production by improving efficiency. You can also benefit by reducing the risk of workplace accidents and injuries.

We understand that not every application is the same. Our experience and knowledge helps us configure a suitable mover for your needs.

Remote controls and inching buttons are available on some of our electric tow tugs. This is especially useful if you have tight spaces in your facility or visibility issues.

Safety Features

All our electric tow tugs have automatic handbrakes and emergency stop buttons. We can also programme speed restrictions on to the machine if needed. As well as this, we can fit warning sirens and lights to the machines. This can help improve visibility of the machines when on site.

Safe handling of any load is important, especially large prefabricated buildings. With our electric movers you can move modular buildings of all shapes and sizes.

Advantages of owning a V-Move Tow Tug:

  • Reduce accident and injuries
  • Improve production flow & efficiency
  • Handle large, heavy goods with ease
  • Reduce the need for labour and cut waiting time
  • Cut the need for licensed operatives as you don’t need a license to operate them


Additional Product Options

A full range of accessories are available. Please contact us for more details. Detailed below are some of the featured optional extras

  • Beacons & motion sirens
  • Remote controls
  • Inching buttons
  • Steerable handlebars
Our recommended products for the Modular Buildings

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Towing something a little bit special? Bespoke requirements are available

Our tow tugs come with a range of different attachements and couplings but we understand that sometimes you may want something a little different. Perhaps you are towing light aircraft, helicopters or something out of the ordinary.

We partner with bespoke towbar manufacturers and fabricators so you can use our tugs with just about anything you wish.

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