Manufacturing & Assembly

Manufacturing & Assembly

Whether you’re looking to move small trolleys around a production line or larger items such as engines and vehicle chassis’, we have an extensive range of electric tow tugs to suit your desired application. We understand that the manufacturing industry covers a range of diverse requirements, that’s why we work with you to configure the essential mover.

Our range of electric movers offer pulling capacities from 250kg up to a whopping 40,000kg. Providing easy manoeuvrability for large, heavy plant machinery and vehicle components, or simply assisting with the smooth movement of loads through congested production lines. Easy to use and manoeuvre, the electric tow tug handles the full load with ease whilst providing a safe handling method.

Becoming increasingly popular in the manufacturing sector, electric movers reduce manual handling, the expenditure of costly overhead cranes, and decrease waiting times caused by the need for extra equipment and manpower. A range of configurations are available, as well as bespoke requirements and coupling methods suitable for handling a range of items including; boats, coaches, train chassis’, plant machinery, steel & brickwork, textiles, pharmaceuticals and more.

Suitable for use indoors as-well as outdoors these movers are ideal for transporting items from the production line to various manufacturing facilities around the site or compound. A range of tyres and counterweights are available for every mover providing extra traction when required through tough terrain and over slopes and inclines. Optional extras also include movement buzzers, lights and beacons, speed restrictions and upgraded horns to provide extra safety.

Introducing a tow tug into manufacturing and assembly will:

  • -Reduce Manual Handling
  • -Provide a safe method for the movement of heavy loads
  • -Suit a range of applications and environments.
  • -Assist in the movement of trolleys through busy production lines
  • -Reduce waiting times (single person usage)
  • -No formal training required

“We were on the market for an Electric Tow Tug, Industar were local and efficient and used their expertise to build exactly what was needed. Both Alan & Tom were very knowledgeable and provided an overall great service throughout.” – Josh Uney     

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Towing something a little bit special? Bespoke requirements are available

Our tow tugs come with a range of different attachements and couplings but we understand that sometimes you may want something a little different. Perhaps you are towing light aircraft, helicopters or something out of the ordinary.

We partner with bespoke towbar manufacturers and fabricators so you can use our tugs with just about anything you wish.

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