Manufacturing & Assembly

Manufacturing & Assembly

Simple, Maintenance-free Electric Tow Tugs

Verhagen Leiden electric tow tugs offer a robust, well made & safe materials handling solution for your manufacturing facility or assembly plant.

The adaptability of electric tow tugs allow you to build an electric tow to your own specific needs…

Whether you are needing to move trollies, bogies or specialist frames on rails.

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Free, no obligation on-site demonstrations

Our team we can come to your site to determine which Verhagen Leiden electric tow tug is appropriate and relevant for your application.

We work with you to build your perfect battery-powered electric mover.

We understand that your industry covers a range of diverse requirements, applications & environments.


Reduce workplace injuries & unexpected costs

Reduce material handling incidents and manual handling injuries with electric tow tugs.

Electric tow tugs provide a safe alternative to forklifts and manual handling. Allowing you to reduce noise, limit pollution & fumes and freeing up workforce for other tasks.


Move loads weighing up to 40t

Verhagen Leiden’s range of battery operated tow tugs can move loads from 250kg up to 40,000kg in weight.

Our electric power dollies are easy to use and make the workplace safer for your staff.

There are many safety features which can be added to the machine, including beacons and loud horns.


Verhagen Leiden electric tugs can be configured to move various equipment and materials without set-up time.

You will be able to move just about anything, including trailers, bogies, equipment on skids and tools on rails.

Features of the V-Move electric tow tug range:

  • Beacons & motion sirens
  • Anti-trap/crush feature
  • Automatic handbrake
  • Emergency shut-down button
  • “Tortoise” through to “hare” speed with speed restrictions available
  • Semi-automatic couplings & hitches


8 Benefits of buying a V-Move electric tow tug:

  1. Reduce manual handling

  2. Safely move of heavy and awkward loads

  3. Suit a range of applications and environments

  4. Compact and small footprint for tight spaces

  5. Reduce waiting times on other handling equipment

  6. Single person use

  7. Minimise vertical movement of loads

  8. No licenses or qualifications needed to operate


Additional Product Options

A full range of accessories are available. Please contact us for more details. Detailed below are some of the featured optional extras

  • Remote controls
  • Inching buttons
  • Beacons & motion sirens
  • Solid puncture-resistant tyres

“We were on the market for an Electric Tow Tug, Industar were local and efficient and used their expertise to build exactly what was needed. Both Alan & Tom were very knowledgeable and provided an overall great service throughout.” – Josh Uney     

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Towing something a little bit special? Bespoke requirements are available

Our tow tugs come with a range of different attachements and couplings but we understand that sometimes you may want something a little different. Perhaps you are towing light aircraft, helicopters or something out of the ordinary.

We partner with bespoke towbar manufacturers and fabricators so you can use our tugs with just about anything you wish.

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