Static & Touring Caravans

Static & Touring Caravans

Electric tow tugs are commonly used for moving caravans of all weights and sizes around plenty of sites to their desired plot. They provide a safe and efficient way to transport touring & static caravans across most terrains to their new plot. In turn, you wouldn’t have to hitch to a vehicle and waste fuel.

Compact & Easy To Use

These machines are designed to be as compact as possible for their sizes (which varies due to their pulling capacities). Most of our machines are great to use in congested areas, giving a small turning circle. Also, with options like the foldaway handlebar, they are easy to store away.

Indoors & Outdoors

All of our movers can be fit with a tow ball hitch point, but there a plenty of options for these too! We can also provide other hitch accessories if you are moving other items, not just caravans. In addition, there are a range of tyres can be fit to suit various terrains, including concrete, gravel or grass. These machines can be built up to suit your needs. There are plenty of optional extras which can be used to change the tow tug into the perfect machine for you.

Advantages to owning a V-Move Tow Tug:

  • – Available in a range of configurations and sizes
  • – Compact and easy to store
  • – Automatic handbrake
  • – Easy to control and manoeuvre small and light to large and heavy loads
  • – Suitable for indoor and outdoor use
  • – Lights and beacons can be added for extra safety precautions
  • – Single person use – no formal training required

Additional Product Options

A full range of accessories are available. Please contact us for more details. Detailed below are some of the featured optional extras

  • Hydraulic & electric tow ball hitches
  • Off-set handlebars
  • Gravel & grass tyres
  • Beacons & motion sirens
Our recommended products for the Static & Touring Caravans

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Towing something a little bit special? Bespoke requirements are available

Our tow tugs come with a range of different attachements and couplings but we understand that sometimes you may want something a little different. Perhaps you are towing light aircraft, helicopters or something out of the ordinary.

We partner with bespoke towbar manufacturers and fabricators so you can use our tugs with just about anything you wish.

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