Aviation & Handling

Aviation & Handling

Electric tow tugs are commonly used in airports to handle a range of items including baggage trolleys, passenger steps, waste bins and luggage carts. They provide a safe and efficient way to transport large volumes of luggage from the aircraft to the terminal. Electric movers are also popular in the aviation industry as a solution for handling light aircrafts and Helicopters. When used in conjunction with a specialist tow bar, these movers are ideal for the final ground handling steps to transfer helicopters from the airfield to the hangar or other storage.

Due to their compact design they are easy to use in small congested areas and are easily stored away. These movers can be used indoors as well as outdoors, and provide versatility for a range of uses. A range of tyres can also be fitted to suit various terrains, including hard ground or grass.

Offering a number of configurations these movers are also suited to a range of other large, heavy loads. They provide great logistic support to boat yards and marinas transporting small boats and sailing dinghies from the slipway to the boat yard. Electric movers work extremely well in congested areas due to their control and manoeuvrability, reducing the need for extra man power and providing a safe manual handling solution.

  • – Available in a range of configurations and sizes
  • – Compact and easy to store
  • – Provides exceptional control and manoeuvrability for large heavy loads
  • – Suitable for indoor and outdoor use
  • – Full range of hitching methods to suit various applications
  • – Single person use – no formal training required
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