Electric Helicopter Tugs & Movers

At Industar, we understand that different helicopter models and operational requirements call for tailored solutions. That’s why we offer a diverse range of helicopter tow carts, helicopter dollies, and helicopter landing dollies to meet your specific needs. Whether you require a compact heli mover for tight spaces or a heavy-duty helicopter handling system, we have the perfect solution for you.


Enhance Your Ground Handling Operations With Our Helicopter Tow Tugs

Are you in need of a top-quality helicopter mover to streamline your ground handling operations? Look no further than Industar. We specialise in providing Verhagen Leiden V-Move electric tow tugs, renowned for their exceptional performance and reliability across a wide range of applications.

Efficient and Precise Helicopter Movers

Moving a helicopter on the ground requires precision and efficiency to ensure the safety of both the aircraft and personnel. Our electric helicopter tugs are designed to handle the unique challenges of helicopter movement with ease. With their powerful electric motors and advanced manoeuvering capabilities, our tugs provide a smooth and controlled towing experience.

Benefits of Electric Helicopter Movers

Seamless Ground Handling

Efficient ground handling is essential to minimise downtime and maximize operational efficiency. Our helicopter tugs enable seamless movement, allowing you to position helicopters precisely where you need them. Whether it’s moving helicopters between hangars, positioning them for maintenance, or preparing them for takeoff, our tugs provide the necessary power and manoeuverability to get the job done efficiently.

Unmatched Versatility

Our helicopter tow tugs and movers are designed to accommodate a wide range of helicopter models and sizes. From small rotorcraft to larger helicopters, our tugs can handle them all. With adjustable features and customisable options, you can tailor the tug to fit your specific helicopter’s dimensions, ensuring a secure and precise fit every time.


Superior Safety Features

Safety is paramount in helicopter ground handling operations. Our V-Move electric tugs are equipped with advanced safety features to protect both the helicopter and personnel. From intuitive control systems to robust braking mechanisms, our tugs ensure a safe and controlled towing experience, minimising the risk of accidents or damage.

Unmatched Performance and Quality

When it comes to helicopter tugs, Verhagen Leiden is a name synonymous with excellence. Industar proudly partners with Verhagen Leiden to offer you the finest electric helicopter tugs available on the market. With their cutting-edge technology and robust construction, Verhagen Leiden tugs deliver unmatched performance and durability, ensuring years of reliable service.

Advantage of V-Move Tow Tugs for Helicopter Moves

Our machines have a wide range of benefits and applications, making them the most popular electric tow tugs on the market. The V-Move range is especially useful in the movement of helicopters for their:

  • Improved efficiency
  • Precision and manoeuverability
  • Quiet operation
  • Environmentally friendly operation
  • Enhanced safety features
  • Versatility & adaptability
  • Low maintenance cost
  • Long operational lifespan

V-Move tugs can be fitted with various hitch accessories if you are moving other items, not just waste bins.

In addition, there is a range of tyres that can be fit to suit various terrains, including concrete, gravel or grass.

These machines can be built up to suit your needs. There are plenty of optional extras which can be used to change the tow tug into the perfect machine for you.

  • Automatic handbrake
  • Emergency stop button
  • Lights and beacons can be added for extra safety precautions
  • Key switch ignition
  • Anti-trap button
  • – 1-year manufacturer warranty
  • – Extended warranty available
  • – Maintenance-free day to day operation
  • – Low wear rate on components
  • – No servicing requirement unless requested
  • – On-site & off-site servicing available

Purchase & Training Options

We offer a full range of finance, hire purchase & contract hire options here at Industar. We can also arrange formal training during V-Move handover.

Outright purchase isn't for everyone which is why we offer alternatives.

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Formal or informal training is available.

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Short term or contract hire options are available to you.

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        Are helicopter movers suitable for all helicopter models and sizes?

        Helicopter movers are designed to be versatile and adaptable to various helicopter models and sizes. They often offer adjustable features, such as width and length adjustments, to accommodate different dimensions. It’s important to choose a mover that can properly support and secure the specific helicopter model you intend to move.


        Can helicopter tugs be used in confined spaces and tight corners?

        Yes, many helicopter movers are designed to handle operations in confined spaces and navigate tight corners with ease. They offer excellent manoeuverability, allowing operators to position helicopters precisely, even in challenging environments. However, it’s crucial to consider the specific dimensions and capabilities of the mover to ensure it can effectively operate in the required space constraints.


        Are helicopter movers easy to operate?

        Helicopter movers are designed with user-friendliness in mind. While specific models may have unique operating procedures, most movers feature intuitive controls and ergonomic designs to facilitate ease of use. Additionally, training and support materials are often provided by the manufacturer to ensure operators are properly trained on the operation and safety protocols of the helicopter mover.


        What safety features should I look for in a helicopter tow tug?

        When considering a helicopter mover, it’s essential to prioritise safety features. All our V-Move tug models include features such as intelligent braking systems, emergency stop buttons, anti-roll mechanisms, and robust attachment points for secure helicopter connection. Ergonomic controls and operator training resources also contribute to a safer and more efficient operation.