Verhagen Leiden

Verhagen Leiden’s UK Distributors

Verhagen Leiden has been making their products since 1964. Since then, they have built a reputation for dependable, reliable and durable products. Customers of theirs include Dunlop, Dutch Military & many flower and horticulture companies.

Verhagen Leiden sells their tow tugs through their own V-Move brand as well as manufacturing their products as “white-labelled” for other well-known tow tug brands across Europe.

Industar has worked with Verhagen Leiden in the Netherlands since the business started. The strong relationship allows Industar to continually grow in knowledge and expertise which means you can rely on expert advice & guidance.

Why Verhagen Leiden BV

Two family-run businesses come together.

  • Pedigree & reputation since 1964
    • Having been in business since 1964, Verhagen Leiden has become dependable and well known on the continent for its high-quality products.
  • Experience & knowledge
    • Verhagen has seen it all. They have a very experienced team on hand to address specific requirements and technical problem solving when needed.
  • Helpfulness, honesty & integrity
    • Verhagen Leiden supports customers to the best of their ability. If you have a specific project then they will work with you and Industar to assist. If it is a step too far though, they will be honest and tell you.
  • Hand-made quality & longevity
    • Each piece of equipment is assembled by hand in their manufacturing facility. Each individual piece of equipment goes through numerous quality checks prior to leaving the factory.
  • Bespoke capability
    • Machines with custom accessories or non-standard couplings are available on request. With large projects, Verhagen and Industar will keep you informed via progress meetings along the way.
  • Unrivalled Customer Base
    • Industar has had a chance to work with numerous amazing companies but as have Verhagen Leiden themselves. Customers of their equipment include Bombardier, Dunlop, Aldi & Heineken.

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