Our Approach & Ethos

Value-driven & family-run

Industar is a family run and owned business. We do not have sales targets or KPIs that the company need to hit. As this is the case, you will always get friendly and honest information from the team. No pushy salesperson or hard sell.

Industar products are not for everyone and that is part of being in business. Likewise, some customers prefer the products offered by Industar’s competitors and such is life. Industar’s team will not bad-mouth the competition or competitors products… that is not right.

Industar operates on a set of values that are shown on the right.

Our Approach

You don’t have to worry about a hard sell. Honest & helpful is what we do around here.

Honest discussions & specifications
You are busy and you don't want to play games. We don't play any games. We have honest and upfront discussions about your requirements and base quotes on what you need... not what we want you to buy from us.
No hidden fees, penalties or charges
No one likes hidden fees or being hit with an unknown charge. That is why Industar makes everything known upfront. Deposits are required to secure orders upfront and then balances are due... nothing else.
Fair payment terms and purchase options
A range of purchase options are available ranging from outright purchase, lease, contract hire or finance. There are no restrictions when it comes to hiring and we don't believe in usage limits.
No hard sell
Industar is a team of people who care about customers and good products. We do not employ salespeople and our team are not incentivised on sales numbers. We do not berate customers or say things against our competition.

Who we have worked with

You are in good company.