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Industar Ltd distributors for Verhagen Leiden BV

Industar exists to bring high-quality manual handling and dust prevention products to the UK construction, building, horticultural, general industrial and manufacturing sectors.

We do this through partnering with Verhagen Leiden BV who manufacture durable, reliable and robust industrial vacuum cleaners and electric tow tugs/power dollies.

Our vacuum cleaners are available as standard units, with liquid separators and also with HEPA filtration.

The electric tow tugs come in a range of different sizes and capacities, ranging from 1,300 kgs up to 40,000 kgs. They can be used for multiple applications with different couplings and hitches to tow almost anything, from supermarket trolleys, helicopters and even HGV trailers.

We offer free on-site demonstrations on some of our products so please get in touch.

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V-Move M Electric Tow Tug
Towing weight: 1,500 KG
Electric Tow Tugs

With a towing capacity of 1,500kg, this small electric tow truck has a multitude of uses and applications. Designed to move around slightly heavier loads than the V-Move S with ease

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V-Move XL-HD Electric Tow Tug
Towing weight: 5,000 KG
Electric Tow Tugs

With an upgraded 1.5kw motor, our V-Move XL-HD mover offers a capacity of up to 5,000kg. This tow-tug is available as standard with an interchangeable tow ball and pin, but offers options to have an electric/hydraulic coupling system fitted.

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V-Move XXL Electric Tow Tug
Towing weight: 20,000 KG
Electric Tow Tugs

Although very similar in appearance to our V-Move XL, this electric tow truck is a little larger but can also go up to 20,000kg towing capacity. Complete with a strong motor that delivers a lot of torque, it also comes with an hour counter.

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V-Move 650 Electric Tow Tug
Towing weight: 2,000 KG
Electric Tow Tugs

Like the V- Move 500, the V-Move 650 is suitable for moving roll containers, trailers and industrial Danish trolleys. As well as this, due to its low step, it is also ideally suited for an order picker in warehouses and logistics centres.

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